Documentation v16

Every installation of Stata includes all the documentation in PDF format. Stata’s documentation consists of over 14,000 pages detailing each feature in Stata including the methods and formulas and fully worked examples. You can transition seamlessly across entries using the links within each entry.

And, Quick starts help new users get started and remind experienced users of common options.

All the manuals are in PDF format which you may view directly or download to your computer.

You can also access the PDF documentation from the Help menu within Stata.

General Reference Manuals

User's Guide
Getting Started with Stata for Windows
Getting Started with Stata for MAC
Getting Started with Stata for Unix
Base Reference Manual
Data Management Reference Manual
Graphics Reference Manual
Function Reference Manual

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Subject-specific statistics reference manuals

Bayesian Analysis
Extended Regression Models
Finite Mixture Models
Item Response Theory
Multilevel Mixed-Effects
Multivariate Statistics
Power, Precision, and Sample-Size Reference Manual
DSGE Models Reference Manual
Spatial Autoregressive Models
Structural Equation Modeling
Survey Data
Survival Analysis
Time Series
Treatment Effects

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Choice Models
Meta Analysis

Programming Reference Manual

Mata Matrix Programming

Glossary and Index

Glossary and Index

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