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Stata Bookstore provided book about Stata and general statistics topics for professional researchers of all disciplines, from StataPress® books and another publisher. In here we add some book publish by Survey Design Analysis Services.

Stata Press now offers electronic edition for some title. Stata Press eBooks are read using VitalSource Bookshelf® platform. Bookshelf is free and allows you to access your Stata Press eBook from your computer, smartphone, tablet, or eReader.

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A Gentle Introduction to Stata, Sixth Edition

Alan C. Acock

Aimed at new Stata users who want to become proficient in Stata. Acock assumes that the user is not familiar with any statistical software, it make explanation starts with the basics.

Generalized Linear Models and Extensions, Fourth Edition

James W. Hardin and Joseph M. Hilbe

The fourth edition includes two new chapters. About bivariate and multivariate models for binary and count outcomes; and Bayesian analysis. This book also demonstrates how to use the bayes: prefix and the bayesmh command to fit Bayesian models for many of the GLMs that were discussed in previous chapters.

The Mata Book: A Book for Serious Programmers and Those Who Want to Be

William W. Gould

 Mata is a serious programming language for developing small- and large-scale projects and for adding features to Stata.

Discovering Structural Equation Modeling Using Stata, Revised Edition

Alan C. Acock

Successfully introduces both the statistical principles involved in structural equation modeling (SEM) and the use of Stata to fit these models. 

An Introduction to Stata for Health Researchers, Fourth Edition

Svend Juul and Morten Frydenberg

The reader will learn not only the skills for statistical analysis but also the skills to make the analysis reproducible. The authors use a friendly, down-to-earth tone and include tips gained from a lifetime of collaboration and consulting.

Data Analysis Using Stata, Third Edition

Ulrich Kohler and Frauke Kreuter

This book will appeal to those just learning statistics and Stata, as well as to the many users who are switching to Stata from other packages. They show examples using data from the German Socio-Economic Panel, a large survey of households containing demographic, income, employment, and other key information.

Market Research: The Process, Data, and Methods Using Stata


Easy-to-follow guide to performing market research. The authors walk readers through the entire market research process, including identification of a research question, data collection, analysis, and reporting of results. 


 An Introduction to Stata Programming,

Second Edition

Christopher F. Baum

A great reference for anyone who wants to learn Stata programming. Starts with do-files, then ado-files. Finally, he introduces Mata, Stata’s matrix programming language. 

Psychological Statistics and Psychometrics Using Stata

Scott Baldwin

This book starts with an introduction to basic statistics such as regression, t tests, and ANOVA, before progressing on to advanced statistical techniques, and then to measurement concepts crucial to psychometrics. 

A Simple Start to Stata: For Health Researchers

Survey Design and Analysis Services

A Simple Start to Stata for Health Researchers helps new users of Stata quickly get comfortable with the Stata interface and build confidence in using the menus and commands in Stata. Learn the important functionality to get you through those early days of using Stata. Learn how to load files, save datasets, edit datasets, draw graphs and get the basic statistics you need when performing data analysis.

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