Stata Student






For mid-sized datasets

For large datasets

Faster & for the largest datasets

Even faster

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We use exchange rate IDR 16.000 in attach price list, but in the process we will use the real time exchange rate.

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For this Student Price you need to proof of student status (i.e., copy of your university ID card) is required.

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Product Features




Maximum number of variablesUp to 2,048 variablesUp to 32,767 variables

Up to 120,000 variables

Maximum number of observationsUp to 2.14 billionUp to 2.14 billion

Up to 20 billion

Runs most estimation commands…FastFastTwice as fast as FastAlmost four times
as fast as Fast
Even faster
Time to run logistic regression with 10 million observations and 20 covariates20 seconds20 seconds10 seconds5.2 seconds< 5.2 seconds
Maximum number of independent variables79810,99865,53265,53265,532